Cold Brew Pouches: Your Go-To Guide for Your Ice Coffee Fix

Cold Brew Pouches: Your Go-To Guide for Your Ice Coffee Fix

Coffee sucks.

“What!? You’re a coffee company, how can you say that?” Even if you’re a coffee lover like us, there’s annoying aspects of the journey that’s meant to cheer up your day. It’s complicated to make, it’s expensive if you buy it from a store, and most people don’t have the equipment needed to make it themselves.

Here At Baby Rhino Coffee Inc. (let’s be informal, call us Baby Rhino) we want your coffee experience to be better. We want to save you time, money, and give you great tasting coffee.



Coffee is really expensive. But let’s face it, we’re addicts. We ignore this because caffeine is the only thing keeping us from falling asleep in our 8am lecture or from freaking out on Debra in the first meeting of the day. So we spend $5+ for pre-made cold coffee. Even if we make coffee ourselves, the bill isn’t cheap. Baby Rhino Cold Brew comes in at $1 even. I used to think that price and quality were correlated, but Baby Rhino has managed to make a low price high quality option for students.

Coffee is Complicated 

Another common problem leading to over-spending on coffee is that making coffee at home generally means investing in equipment, like a coffee grinder or coffee machine. Most student’s don’t have what they need to make coffee, or want to make that investment. When I got to university for my first year I just accepted waking up tired because I didn’t care about putting time and money into my coffee routine. Imagine all the calculus classes I wouldn’t have missed if I had Baby Rhino Cold Brew. Grab your exams by the HORNS with Baby Rhino Coffee!

We make Cold Brew Coffee

No, cold brew isn’t the same thing as making hot coffee and putting it in the fridge. It’s made cold, and it's generally stronger than “regularly” brewed coffee. A lot of people buy cold brew pre-made because they don’t realize they can make it at home, or don’t know how. Which is an absolute myth because of how easy we’ve made the process... it’s like making tea – if your tea bag made a delicious vanilla cold brew. So simple you could train your dog to do it. (We assume no liability for coffee related incidents involving your pets.)


There’s a ton of places that sell pre-made cold brew, like Starbucks, Timmies, or the grocery store, but they’re all like $5, because you’re paying for water and labour when you could just do it yourself. Baby Rhino is the only company in Canada that sells easy, convenient, cold brew sachets, so you can make your own cold brew at home, for a dollar a cup. Don’t have analysis paralysis and let us make it simple. And it tastes phenomenal.

How to make Baby Rhino Cold Brew:

Let’s talk about Cold Brew. No this isn’t hot coffee that you add ice cubes to. Cold Brew is a great tasting coffee that is made like tea. It’s literally that easy. Here are the steps to making Cold Brew:

  1. Order a sachet of Baby Rhino Vanilla Cold Brew
  2. Receive a jolt of adrenaline when it arrives
  3. Pour a glass of water 
  4. Put Sachet in the glass of water
  5. Put the glass in the fridge
  6. Resist urge to eat that leftover cake you have in there
  7. Go to bed
  8. Wake up with a smile on your face
  9. Question your life in the shower
  10. Stop questioning your life once you realize that you have coffee already made for you
  11. Drink your coffee 
  12. Save your extra cash in your Rhino bank
  13. Spend quality time with local orphans with your newfound sense of hope in society after drinking Baby Rhino Cold Brew

All jokes aside, making our cold brew is really simple. So simple in fact, you can use the instruction image below to make it.

So do you want better, cheaper coffee, all while supporting a small business and stickin’ it to the man? The choice is yours! 

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